Friday, August 25, 2017

++ VA -- Oi! The Ressurection & The Sound Of Oi! [Step-1 Music] ++

Great compilation from Step 1-Music Label. Two albuns in one CD. A lot of Oi! and Street Punk...

'Yesterday's Heores' The 4 Skins
'Pull You Through' Vicious Rumours
'Self Respect' Skin Deep
'I'm Civilised' Menace
'Revenge' Renegade
'No Way In' Condemned 84
'Mortgage Mentality' The Business
'I Wanna Be A Star' Cockney Rejects
'For The Love Of Oi' Section 5
'Heat Of The Street' The Magnificent
'Hungry Gun' The Strike
'Soul Boys' The Last Resort
'Coventry' The Business
'Surfin In Newquay' Vicious Rumours
'My Life's Fine' Skin Deep
'Sheila' Burial
'Fictional Kicks' Renegade
'Battle' Condemned 84
'Old' Cock Sparrer
'Norman' The 4-Skins
'Headcase' Section 5
'Coming On Strong' The Magnificent
'The Best' Five 0
'Beginning Of The End' Cockney Rejects

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