Friday, August 25, 2017

++ VA-1991, Punk's Not Dread ++ --Sink Below Recs.--

Covers of classic punk rock songs performed by classic raw and crude punk and hardcore bands...

-Chaos U.K. 'For Adolfs Only'
–Chaos U.K. 'Bone Idol'
–Chaos U.K. 'Brain Bomb'
–Raw Noise 'Defiant Pose'
–Raw Noise 'G.L.C.'
–Red Flag 77 'No One'
–Extreme Noise Terror 'Borstal Breakout'
–Extreme Noise Terror 'Johnny Won't Get To Heaven'
–Filthkick (Legless) 'Naive'
–Filthkick (Legless) 'Sonic Reducer' 
–Red Flag 77 'Sad So Sad'
–Poison Idea 'New Rose'


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Thanks for sharing!I really like this!Maybe someone want find a similar samples to these tracks, i left link here-