Thursday, July 06, 2017

Verbal Abuse: 1983, Just An American Band [Fowl Recs.]

With the lineup of Nicki Sicki, Joie Mastrokalos, Brett Dodwell and Gregg James, Verbal Abuse was signed by Fowl Records and in 1983 they recorded their first LP, Just An American Band, which was released early in 1984. Next, Brett Dodwell left the band to join the army, and Nicki Sicki's former Sick Pleasure bandmate Dave "Koko" Chavez took his place on bass. Verbal Abuse then embarked on a four month tour of the U.S. and Canada to promote their album and performed with numerous influential bands including Slayer, The Ramones, Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, Reagan Youth, The Cro-Mags, Die Kreuzen, The Dead Kennedys, Poison Idea and Decry. After finishing their tour, Nicki Sicki decided to leave Verbal Abuse early in 1985 due to stylistic and creative differences, citing Joie's penchant for flamboyant wardrobe choices including a bolero, a cape and various scarves and bandanas tied around his legs and microphone stands, as well as his leanings toward a more glam metal musical style. Nicki returned to Houston and formed the band Afterbirth with original Verbal Abuse bassist Radi Kilowatt, guitarists Andy Schumman and Bill Barton and a drummer by the name of Kelp. Afterbirth played new original songs, written mostly by Nicki, which were stylistically similar to the hardcore direction of the Just An American Band LP, and also performed a few old favorites from that record.


Power Play # Leeches # I Hate You # Social Insect # Boredom # Bud # Disintegration # Unity # Free Money # I Don't Need It # Verbal Abuse # American Band.

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