Friday, July 07, 2017

VA - Punk 45: 2015, Burn Rubber City Burn! Akron, Ohio: Punk And The Decline Of the Mid West 1975-80 [Soul Jazz-SJRCD299]

Soul Jazz Records is a London based label run by Stuart Baker, which specialises in re-releasing music from around the world on compilations with high quality remastered sound. They also release a large amount of material on vinyl, including new recordings, oftentimes as 12" singles. The printed record label name on these vinyl releases often varies greatly. For example Soul And Jazz Musical Industries, ENT., Soul Jazz Records Co., Soul Jazz Record Corp., or sometimes the record label which originally released the recording is displayed.

1. I Bizarro (The Bizarros)
2. The Comb (The Waitresses)
3. Laugh (Hammer Damage)
4. Mechanical Man (Devo)
5. Squirm Your Worm (Tin Huey)
6. Lady Boubonette (The Bizarros)
7. Ring Around The Collar (Chi-Pig)
8. Auto Modown (Devo)
9. Kidnapped (Rubber City Rebels)
10. The Manikin Shuffle (Denis Defrange & Mark Frazier)
11. When I Was Young (Jane Aire & The Belvederes)
12. Puppet Wipes (Tin Huey)
13. Apu Api (Helpe Me) (Chi-Pig)
14. Nova (The Bizarros)
15. Such A Fool (Rubber City Rebels)
16. Sector Wars (Denis Defrange)
17. Closet Bears (Ralph Carney)
18. Narrow Road (15 60 75 The Numbers Band)

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