Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Gamma Men: 1996, 440 **New Link!! by Request

As with those bands in their original heydays, San Diego's Gamma Men are unheralded prophets. If you care about non-stop power chords and thrumming basslines, and supercharged, martial drum-thump, this is where the real punk revival begins, kids. No skankin' allowed. Guitarists Tom Gallego and Gary Meyer work off each other instinctively, like Strummer and Jones or Diggle and Shelley, and the rhythm section of Dave Elizondo (bass) and Steve Gardner (drums) is as precision gifted as Tommy and Dee Dee were, yet blessed with the same kind of r&b tight-but-loose feel that Rick and Bruce from the Jam had

Johnny Can't Rock
Out Of Fashion
Bad Chemistry
What You Need
Why Does It Always Have To Be This Way
Decades Behind In The Times
Your Whole Life Doesn't Make Much Sense
Let's Make 'Em Shake Tonight
In Love With Negativity
Love Is Space and Time Measured By The Heart...Bullshit!
Vinyl Fever
Paved With Good Intention
Time To Change
Surfin' In The Bars

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