Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Donnas: 1998, The Donnas (New Link by Request)

The Donnas are an American rock band from Palo Alto, California. They consist of Brett Anderson (lead vocals), Allison Robertson (guitar, backing vocals), Maya Ford (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Amy Cesari (drums, percussion, backing vocals). Cesari replaced Torry Castellano, who left the band in 2009 due to tendonitis. They draw inspiration from Ramones, The Runaways, AC/DC, Bachman–Turner Overdrive and Kiss. Rolling Stone has stated that "the Donnas offer a guileless take on adolescent alienation; they traffic in kicks, not catharsis, fun rather than rage". MTV has stated that the band offers "a good old-fashioned rock & roll party". After gathering a cult following in the punk scene since their 1997 debut, the band achieved major label commercial success in the early 2000s and afterward as their music mixed punk, metal and classic rock sounds.

Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
Let's Go Mano!
Teenage Runaway
Lana & Stevie
I'm Gonna Make Him Mine (Tonight)
Huff All Night
I Don't Wanna Go
We Don't Go
Friday Fun
Everybody's Smoking Cheeba
Get Rid Of That Girl
Drive In
Do You Wanna Go Out With Me
Rock 'n' Roll Baby
High School Yum Yum
Boy Like You
Let's Rab
Let's Go Mano!
Last Chance Dance
I Wanna Be A Unabomber
Da Doo Ron Ron
I Don't Want To Go To School
I Don't Wanna Rock 'n' Roll Tonight

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