Friday, July 07, 2017

Hard Skin -2002, Live And Loud!! & Skinhead [Damage Goods]

Hard Skin was founded in 1996 and their first album Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts appeared that year. The band were: bassist "Fat Bob" (Sean Forbes of Wat Tyler), guitarist and lead vocalist "Johnny Takeaway" (Ben Corrigan of Thatcher On Acid) and drummer "Nosher" (Chris Acland of indie/Britpop band Lush). After Acland's death, he was replaced on drums by "Nipper" for second album Same Meat Different Gravy in 2005, which like its predecessor was received positively in punk and Oi! circles despite (or perhaps partly because of) the band's parodic tendencies.

Oi Not Jobs # Jocky On The Oche # Every Day, Every Weekend # The Good Times # Down The Pub # Hard Skin # A.C.A.C # X.R.3 # First Day Angry Song # Beer And Fags # Desperation Street # If The Kids Are United.

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