Sunday, July 02, 2017

D.O.A. - 13 Flavours Of Doom **New Link!!

13 Flavours Of Doom is the eighth album from Canadian hardcore punk band, D.O.A.. It was released in 1992 on band member Joe Keithley's own record label, Sudden Death Records, and also in the UK on Alternative Tentacles. In spite of its title, the album actually had fourteen tracks – the last one not being numbered on the CD inlay.

1."Already Dead"
2."Death Machine"
3."Bombs Away" (Brian Roy Goble)
4."The Living Dead" (Goble)
5."Played The Fool"
6."Too Fuckin' Heavy"
7."Hole In The Sky"
8."Hey Sister"
9."Use Your Raincoat"
10."Legalized Theft" (Goble)
11."Rosemary's Baby" (Goble)
12."Beatin' Rock 'N' Roll To Death"
13."Time Of Illusion" (Goble)
14."Phantom Zone"

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