Saturday, July 29, 2017

Appendix: '84, Top of the Pops [Propaganda]

A punk band from Pori, Finland. Appendix was founded in winter 1981-82 and split up in autumn 1984, but has performed occasionally again since the mid 1990s and done the half of releases after those times. 

Lilan Myohaan (Too Late)
Historia (History)
I'm Scared
Osta Oma Rauha (Buy Your Own Peace)
Eliittipiiri (Circle)
Kellokorti (The Clock-Card)
Ihminen (A Man)
Itasastu (The Fairy-Tale Of The Night)
Eliittipiiri II (Circle II)
Oma Sota (My Own Car)
Epasuosiossa (Unfavourable)
Perseennuolija (An Ass Licker)
Miksi Poliisi Ei Naura (Why Don't The Police Laugh)
Huora (A Harlot)

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