Wednesday, June 21, 2017

BIZARROS & RUBBER CITY REBELS: 1977, From Akron [Clone Records]

Was it the Akron water? The smell of rubber in the air? Or was it the overwhelming boredom with 70's rock music that caused these sons of rubber factory workers to take action? Whatever the case, in the late 1970's the Bizarros swam against the current of mainstream rock & roll.
The Bizarros had various releases in the 1970's, including their self-titled album on Mercury Records. In 2003, they completed their first new album in 20 years and released "Can't Fight Your Way Up Town From Here."
Garage Punk band from Akron, Ohio, U.S.A. (Rubber City Rebels)

Lady Doubonette 
I Bizarro
Jackson's Pride
Ice Age
White Scree Movies
Such A Fool
Brain Job
Child Eaters
Rubber City Rebels
**Five first tracks by BIZARRO
**Five last tracks by RUBBER CITY REBELS

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