Monday, March 09, 2015

OBLIVION - Stop Thief

Oblivion was a punk rock group from the Chicago area. The band was composed of Pete Kourim on bass guitar and lead vocals, Scott Ozark on guitar and back-up vocals, and Brian Czarnik on drums.

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School - Friday Night - Mauryland - The Dance - Pain - Apology - Over You - Book - To Get A Message To You - Coast - Chuck Wanks off In The Studio - Theodore - Fester - Yellow #5 - Fear Of China - Autumn Salt Apathy Flytrap - Don't Sit Down.

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slangeug said...

Could you please re-upload the album Evacuate by Chelsea? I have been searching everywhere for it and cannot find it. The reissue, which you posted, is out of print, and being sold for ridiculously high prices used and I cannot afford it. Otherwise I would buy it and share it myself. If you can help I can't tell you how much I would appreciate it. Thank you very much!