Saturday, August 30, 2014

KNIFE FIGHT (--06--) Out Of Print 2002-2004 (**FLAC**)

After 2 years of being out of print, this CD collects all of Knife Fight's recorded history and then some. Included are both of the 7"s released on My War Records, the demo tape, comp tracks, a live set, and several unreleased songs/covers from each session (some that never even made it to soulseek). Featuring members of Lifes Halt, Annihilation Time, Carry On, Shark Attack, GSMF, and about a million others. Look out for a new 12" to be released on Lengua Armada Discos later this year.

1.What Have You Done
2.Force Fed
3.Knife Fight
4.Fashion Parade
5.Open Your Eyes (A.H.C.)
8.Who Are You
10.Get Me Out
11.Fed Up
12.Unite We Stand
13.Follow The Leader
14.Shut It
15.So Funny (Clit Boys)
16.Together (Negative FX)
17.Burning Bridges Pt.1
18.Nothing Left
20.Burning Bridges Pt.2
21.Brotherhood (D.Y.S.)
22.In My Headache (Poison Idea)
24.Watch Out
25.Force Fed
26.Fashion Parade
27.Black Sheep (Nihilistics)
28.Kinfe Fight
29.Fed Up
30.What Have You Done (Live)
31.Force Fed (Live)
32.Knife Fight (Live)
33.Fashion Parade (Live)
34.In My Headache (Live)
35.Burning Bridges Pt.1 (Live)
36.A.A. (Live)
37.Hypocrite (Live)
38.Shut It (Live)
39.Open Your Eyes (Live)
40.Destruction (Live)
41.United We Stand (Live)
42.Who Are You (Live)
43.Progress (Live)
44.Together (Live)
45.Get Me Out (Live)
46.Force Fed (Live)
47.Burning Bridges Pt.2 (Live)

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