Tuesday, July 15, 2014

JERRY'S KIDS -- Kill Kill Kill / Is This My World (.fLaC)

 Jerry's Kids is one of the earliest Boston hardcore bands, formed in 1981, from Braintree, Mass.. Their first recorded output was on the Modern Method This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation LP in 1982. They contributed six tracks along with other early Boston Hardcore band Gang Green.
Frontman Bryan Jones and rhythm guitar player Dave Aronson left the band early on. Bryan Jones had broken his leg at one of their gigs and his parents denied him permission to play in the band any further. Bassist Rick Jones (Bryan's brother) switched to vocals and Chris Doherty of Gang Green took over on rhythm guitar. It was this line-up that recorded the classic 12 song LP Is This My World? on X-Claim in 1983, featuring songs such as "Cracks In The Wall", "Build Me A Bomb" and "Vietnam Syndrome". They broke up in 1985, but reformed in 1987 with a more speed metal sound and released an LP on Taang! Records entitled Kill Kill Kill. Reflex/Wolfpack Records released a limited re-issue of the Is This My World? LP in 2002. The band reunited again in 2004 and has been playing several shows per year around Boston since then. Their current recording plans, if any, are unknown.

1.Torn Apart
2.Need Some
3.Breathe and Fuck
5.Bad Trip
6.Back Off
7.Tired Eyes
9.Right Now
10.Satan's Toy
11.Twisted Brain
12.My Machine Gun
13.Satan's Toy (Reprise)
14.I Don't Belong
15.Cracks in the Wall
16.Tear It Up
17.Crucify Me
18.Break The Mold
19.Raise the Curtain
20.Vietnam Syndrome
21.Build Me A Bomb
22.New World
24.No Time
25.Is This My World

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