Monday, July 14, 2014

HOLLY TREE (--2002--) The British Punk Classics Greatest Shits (.fLaC)

Holly Tree is a punk band from São Paulo, Brazil, formed by George (vocals and guitar), Tito (bass) and Zé (drums and backing vocals). They started on 1995, rehearsing in a rented basement. In 1996, they record their first EP, "Mom's Tea Party", under a label created by the Holly Tree themselves: Silly Sally Records. The influence of bands such as Rancid, Green Day and some old 70's UK punk makes them influent on Brazil's underground scene, and in 1998 they release their debut album: "Running Out Of Sense", by Silly Sally. In 2000 they play on CBGB and release "Don't Burst Me". In 2001, they took a step forward opening for the Buzzcocks, UK Subs and The Lurkers, and participating into a compilation called Pub Rock Songs, along with three other punk bands. At the end of 2001, Zé lefts the band, and Paul Cooko replaces him on the drums.

2.Liar (The Damned)
3.I Don't Mind (Buzzcocks)
4.Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers)
5.Bad Time (Vibrators)
6.Frustration Paradise (The Carpettes)
7.Hurry Up Harry (Sham 69)
8.In The City (The Jam)
9.Come On (Chelsea)
10.No (Rezillos)
11.Pick Me Up (The Lurkers)
12.Living In the City (The Boys)
13.Do Anything You Wanna Do (Eddie & The Hot Rods)
14.Crash Course (UK Subs)
15.Hit Me (999) 
16.Male Model (The Undertones)
17.Oh Bondage Up Yours! (X-Ray Spex)
18.Viva La Revolution (The Addicts)

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