Tuesday, July 15, 2014

AGRESSION (--1995--) The Best Of Agression (.fLaC)

Agression was part of the first wave of skatepunk bands to emerge from southern California in the early '80s. These groups were on the front lines of a new union between the skateboard and punk rock cultures, which were put on a path to convergence by the establishment hassling each group. The resulting music was a confluence of punk's anger and simplicity, the furious speed of hardcore, and defiantly smart-assed machismo. Emerging out of Oxnard, CA (which was such a hotbed of punk and skate bands that their sound became known as "Nardcore"), Agression consisted of the two founding members, vocalist Mark Hickey, and guitarist Henry Knowles, along with bassist Bob Clark, and drummer Mark Aber. 

1.Voo Doo Stew
2.Never Alone
3.Rich Kids
4.Dear John Letter
6.Go To War
7.Locals Only
8.No Mercy
9.Foxy Lady
10.Ripped Off
11.Salty Leather
13.I'm Alive
14.Money Machine
15.Don't Be Mistaken
16.Intense Energy

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