Wednesday, June 25, 2014

THE FREEZE -- The Land Of The Lost (.fLaC)

The Freeze are a seminal punk rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts that came together in 1978 when they were teenagers.
The band is known for their dark lyrics, original punk rock melodies, and their longevity. A lot of their early lyrics deal with alienation, drug-use/abuse and paranoia (especially of the government and especially of the Reagan-Bush years). A constant theme or thread regarding apathetic observers or people willing to give up their freedoms for fear of losing their "security" is also apparent in their work.

1.American Town
2.Gardener And The Maid
3.No Exposure
4.Food Lava
5.Days Of Desperation
6.Go Team Go
7.Nazi Fun
8.Won't Come Back Alive
9.So Long Ago
10.Duh Family
11.Megawaki Cult
12.Sickly Sweet
13.Pig Hunt

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