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Snuff --2005-- Six Of One, Half A Dozen of the Other 1986-2002

Snuff are a British punk rock band formed in Hendon in 1986. Their name reportedly came about after a long discussion about names ended up with one of them claiming "That's Enough", which was then shortened to Snuff. The original line-up was Duncan Redmonds on drums and vocals, Simon Wells on guitar and vocals and Andy Crighton on bass, with Dave Redmonds being added to the line-up on trombone before the release of Flibbiddydibbiddydob.
Snuff have released their material through a variety of independent record labels including their own, 10past12records, as well as on Fat Wreck Chords a label owned by Fat Mike of NOFX.

1.Not Listening
3.Too Late
4.Win Some, Lose Some
5.Keep The Beat
7.Do Nothing
8.I Know What you Want
9.Spend Spend Spend
11.Sunny Places
12.Dicky Trois
13.Nick Northern
15.Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads
16.Soul Limbo
17.Iyehf Taidu Leikh
18.Nick Motown
23.Numb Nuts
24.Blue Gravy
25.7 Days (Solomon's Boring Week)

1.I Think We're Alone Now (Lie To Me Comp)
2.Never Go Black/Blues Noodles (Pssst EP)
3.Don't Fear The Reaper (Tour Flexi '90)
4.Fucked Up R'n'R Shit (Unreleased)
5.You're Wondering Now (B-Side '91)
6.I Can See Clearly NOw (B-Side '91)
7.Any Old Iron (Unreleased)
8.Indie (Unreleased)
9.Horse & Cart (Japan Tour Single '91)
10.Hokey Cokey (Live @ Venue New Cross '90)
11.Walk (Long Ball To No One EP)
12.Caught in Session (Long Ball To No One EP)
13.Dow Dow Boof Boof (Long Ball To No One EP)
14.I Wll Survive (Do Do Do EP)
15.Pen Blyth Happus (In The Fishtank Mini, LP)
16.Sweet Days (UK SIngle/LP Bonus Track)
17.Two Winds (B-Side Down By Yurr EP)
18.Bacharach (Bonus Track Japan)
19.I Try (What's In the Pasties Tour EP)
20.Bottom Of The River (B-Side UK/Bonus Track Japan)
21.Emperor (Download With "A Lovers Concerto")
22.A Push & A Shove (Bonus Track Japan)
23.Dirty Old Legend (B-Side Chocs Away Single)
24.All Over NOw (B-Side Chocs Away Single/LP Bonus Track)
25.Nick Northern Dub (Snuff/Urban Dub Split Single)

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