Saturday, June 07, 2014

Snuff --2000-- Numb Nuts

At one point, Snuff where one of the most creative punk bands ever to come out of London. With a combination of thrash metal, pop-punk and mod influences to top their wacky brand of humor, albums such as Snuff Said... and Demmamussabebonk became underground classics. Unfortunately, it also seems as if Snuff are trying too hard to follow-up their previous releases. Numb Nuts still features the Snuff tradition of galloping punk, perfect vocal harmonies and trombone solos. Songs such as "Yuki," "Marbles," and "Reach" are some of the catchier stand-outs amongst their sixth full-length. But at the same time, there isn't that much energy or punch incomparable to their aforementioned classics. A lot of Numb Nuts sounds like one long song as each track has that same monotonous feature of verse-chorus-verse-breakdown-verse. Although this isn't as flat as 1998's Tweet Tweet My Lovely, one would be better off to remain with their older albums. ~ Mike DaRonco 

5.Numb Nuts
7.Another Wet Weekend At The Tundra Theme Park
8.EFL Vs Concrete
9.Fuck Off
10.Chalk Me Down For More
11.It's A Long Way Down
12.Romeo & Juliet
13.Soup of the Day
14.Hilda Odgen And The Thick Plottens
15.Sweet Days

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