Saturday, June 07, 2014

Dag Nasty --2002-- Minority Of One

The band started in the summer of 1985, made up of ex-members of Minor Threat and Bloody Mannequin Orchestra. Through the years, they cycled through 3 different singers, 2 bass players, and 3 drummers in their four year active existence (1985-1988). The band itself had a huge impact on the world of underground music, due to the fact that Dag Nasty practically introduced melodic hardcore in the mid-'80s. But although the group was more accessible and melodic than Minor Threat or similar bands, they never lost their bracing, blistering edge. The concept of the band came about from former-Minor Threat and Meatmen guitarist Brian Baker. After vocalist Shawn Brown departed the group, ex-DYS frontman Dave Smalley completed Brian Baker's vision of what the band should be. keep reading here

2.Minority Of One
3.Bottle This
4.Broken Days
5.Your Worlds
7.Throwing Darts
8.White Flag
9.Twisted Again
10.Average Man
11.Wasting Away
12.Secret Track

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