Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Blood Brothers -- 2002 -- March On Electric Children

Seattle, Washington based punk influenced indie rock band. Existed from 1997-2007. The band has a unique sound that balances it self between harmony and chaos with alot of screaming and layered vocals. Members include Jordan Blilie (Vocals), Johnny Whitney (Vocals), Cody Votolato (Guitar), Morgan Henderson (Bass), & Mark Gajadhar (Drums).

1.Birth Skin - Death Leather
2.Meet Me at The Water Front After the Social
3.March On Electric Children
4.New York Slave
5.Kiss Of the Octopus
6.Siamese Gun
7.Mr. Electric Ocean
8.Junkyard J. Vs. the Skin Army Girlz - High Fives, L.A. Hives
9.American Vultures

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