Sunday, May 18, 2014

Badtown Boys - Date With Death *(FLAC)

Formed in 1985 in the San Fernando Valley, Badtown Boys have never strayed from their punk rock roots. From their first single on Dionysus Records to their self-titled debut album on Gift Of Life Records, which also brought "Date With Death" and Pennyless In Paradise" and their 1994 release "ep.i.dem.ic", the band has proven it's staying power and have lived up to their "cult Punk legend" status. The guys are also working on a live CD made up from numerous shows dating back to 1991-1995.

3.Dee Dee Took The Subway
4.Makin' You Nervous
5.I'm Alone
6.Destined to Lose
7.Lost and Found
9.Made Up My Mind
10.Blink Of An Eye
11.Took Too Long
12.Sick Of Your Face
13.Death is Forever

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