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Articles Of Faith -2002- Complete Volume 2, 1983-1985 (FLAC)

Articles of Faith was a Chicago-based hardcore punk band (1981–1985) notable for songwriting in a class above most of their contemporaries (and successors). The band's later work, the In This Life LP in particular, either founds or foreshadows the emo sound.[citation needed] The typical AoF song featured hummable melodies and conspicuous hooks, showing funk, reggae and jazz influences, accompanied by lyrics bemoaning the difficulty of finding freedom and fulfillment in a cookie-cutter mass-consumption driven society typically, but not always, delivered at a searing pace. While the band's influence was blunted by being based in Chicago, it maintained close musical and thematic ties to the Washington DC / Dischord Records scene. Drummer Virus X briefly left the band in 1984, due to the relative waning of the band's political emphasis, but returned to record In This Life. The band split up in 1985, with In This Life being issued two years later.

1.I've Got Mine
3.Buy This War
4.Up Against The Wall
5.Fine Line
6.Empty Rooms
7.Remain In Memory
8.It Doesn't Have The Way To Be
9.Wasn't I Right
10.Wheedle Dee
11.Around In Circles
14.Wait For Me
15.Never Really Understood
17.In This Life
18.What We Want Is Free

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