Monday, April 14, 2014

Various Artists - Attack Fron The Planet of The Devil Dogs

Great tribute compilation to the DEVIL DOGS...

trACks:- Intro (Rev. Norb) - Jump On You (Boris The Sprinkler) - Baby I'm A King (Peawees) - Twist And Burn (The Mud City Manglers) - 354 (The Spitfires) - My GTO (Peter Pan Speedrock) - Ball Me Out (Gasolheads) - Gonna See You Tonight (The Alley Gators) - Chinatown (The Demands) - Back In The City (Hoss) - Annalisa (The Safes) - Palisades Park (The Ded Bugs) - Get Out (Neurotic Swingers) - Backstage (Snakeskin Boots) - Radiobeat (New Bomb Turks) - Gonna Be My Girl (Delorean) - North Short Bitch (Hudson Falcons) - They're Not Around (The Phenoms) - It's Not Easy (Alcoholic Helltones) - Don't Do It (Saturday Night Kids) - Get On Your Knees (LegHounds) - Big Fucking Party (Ruth's Hat) - Brand New Chevy (The Earaches) - Higher The Heel (Jerry Spider Gang) - Stay Out All Night (The Ulcers) - Pussywhipped (The Short Fuses) - Go On Girl (Adam West) - Get In Line (Gung Ho's) - Lame Al Perro (Mangazoides). 

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