Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stiv Bators (1983) The Lord And The New Creatures @VBR

As the frontman for the Dead Boys, Stiv Bators terrorized audiences with his snotty, in-your-face punk rock style. But after the Dead Boys, Bators embarked on a musical journey that saw him touch upon new wave (the Wanderers), goth rock (the Lords of the New Church), and power pop (during a brief solo career), as well as a fling with movie acting. Born Steve Bator on October 22, 1949, in Youngstown, OH, Bators took a liking to garage rock and proto-punk early on -- a story he liked to tell is that it was he who handed Iggy Pop the jar of peanut butter that he smeared across his chest and threw around while walking on the audience during the Stooges' televised infamous 1970 rock festival in Ohio (additionally, Bators befriended the Ramones during the quartet's first Ohio performance). As a result of his interest in the burgeoning punk movement, Bators hooked up with friend/guitarist Cheetah Chrome and others to form the short-lived local outfit Frankenstein. Sensing that there was little chance of launching a successful music career in Ohio, Bators convinced a handful of fellow local musicians (Chrome, guitarist Jimmy Zero, and drummer Johnny Blitz) to relocate to New York City in 1976, resulting in the formation of the Dead Boys.

trACks:- It's Cold Outside - Make Up Your Mind - Ready Anytime - I'll Be Alright - I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are) - Bad Luck Charms - The Last Year (First Version) - Not That Way Anymore - Evil Boy - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) - Circumstancial Evidence - A Million Miles Away - Swingin' A Go-Go - The Last Year (Second Version).

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