Monday, February 17, 2014

Stiff Little Fingers (1995) B's, Live, Unplugged And Demos

A taut, explosive Belfast-based punk band, Stiff Little Fingers (named after a Vibrators song) had the dubious distinction of being referred to as "The Irish Clash." What must have seemed like a compliment at the time did little to help their career, only because it made comparisons between the two bands inevitable. 
Granted, there were many similarities: both bands debuted playing revved-up late-'70s punk rock, were politically inclined, featured pissed-off lead singers, had a love for reggae, and possessed a near-palpable sense of isolation and desperation. But as we all know, the Clash offered complexity, panache, and a consistently breathtaking body of work. Stiff Little Fingers, on the other hand, were simply a very good punk rock band.

trACks:- Can't Believe In You (Radio Edit) - The Cosh (Remix) - Long Way To Paradise (Demo) - Stand Up And Shout (Demo) - Silver Lining (Unplugged) - Listen (Unplugged) - Wasted Life (Unplugged) - Johnny Was (Live) - Shake It Off (Demo) - Not What We Were (Pro Patria Mori) - Get A Life (Live) - Harp (Live) - Can't Believe In You (Live) - NO Laughing Matter (Live) - The Last Time (Live) - Mr. Fire Coal Man (Live) - Two Guitars Clash (Live) - Alternative Ulster (Live).

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