Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lärm & Stanx (1984) Campaign For Musical Destruction & No Secrets (SPlit LP)

 Lärm was a fast-core/straight edge band from Netherlands, that had something for everybody: sincere leftist politics, a strong straight edge philosophy, a lighthearted, humorous attitude, and most importantly devastating music played at never-before-heard speeds. They played "extreme noise" style: short, fast, and out of tune. Stax is a punk hardcore band from Netherlands.

.The Complexity Of Life
.Chemical Suicide
.Passive Punks
.Nothing For Us
.Puppets On A String
.South Africa
.Opium For The Masses
.Dance Till You Drop
.Revolting Youth
.Gesprek Met De Minister-President
.Haagse Maffia
.Police Threats
.Crucify The Pope
.Only Reality
.Our Future
.Red Brigades
.N.R.I.P. (Nazis Rot In Peace)
.Don't Wanna Pay Their Debts
.Ban The Bomb
.Too Old
.The Pogo
+Life in '84
+Lost Generation
+Last 5 Minutes
+Don't Forget
+Don't Blind Yourself
+Forced To A War
+It Bites
+Neutron Cowboys
+Punks Unite!

. tracks by Lärm
+ tracks by Stanx

senha/pass:- hha

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