Friday, February 14, 2014

Johnny Thunders (1983) In Cold Blood @VBR

In Cold Blood is one of the countless shoddy collection of live tracks, messy covers and lazy studio cuts that clutter Johnny Thunders' catalog. For diehard fans, there are a couple of interesting moments that may make it worth a listen, but only hardcore followers will have the patience to sift through these 14 tracks.

trACks:- In Cold Blood - Just Another Girl - Green Onions - Diary Of a Lover - Look In My Eyes - Intro Just Another Girl (Live) - Too Much Junkie Business (Live) - Sad Vacation (Live) - Louie Louie (Live) - Gloria (Live) - Treat Me Like A Nigger (Live) - Do You Love Me (Live) - Green Onions (Live) - 10 Commandments (Live).

senha/pass:- hha

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