Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jingo De Lunch (1994) Deja Voodoo @VBR

A German band that brought together five experienced punk rockers from a handful of bands (Tom Schwoll of Zerstörte Jugend, Sepp Ehrensberger of Vorkriegsjugend, Steve Hahn of Kult-Huren, Henning Menke of various bands, and Canadian Yvonne Ducksworth of Combat Not Conform and Manson Youth), Jingo De Lunch formed in 1987 in Kreuzberg. Within a year of convening, they released their first album, Perpetuum Mobile and proceeded to record five more albums -- not to mention opening up for some of the genre's giants -- Ramones, Bad Brains -- before calling it a day in 1996. The band regrouped for some shows in 1996, and in 2007 -- besides celebrating twenty years as a collective by touring Europe -- released a CD compilation of their early work.

trACks:- Dance Of The M.F.'S - Surprises - War - Can Of Worms - So What I (2) - So What II - Circus Hang Jury - Dogs Day - Ring A Bell - Bleed (2) - Highway Robbery - Payback - Wish - Crawling Walls - A Kin SOng.

senha/pass:- hha

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