Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Discipline (2008) Old Pride, New Glory @VBR0

Discipline is a Street Rock ‘n Roll band from Eindhoven, Holland. These guys have been around since 1990. In the early days they had a different name and a different line-up. After 5 years of struggling and making some demo-tapes, in 1995 Discipline signed to Lost&Found Records from Germany. The 1st release was the 5-track “Stompin’ Crew EP” in the summer of 1995. This one was followed up by their 1st album “Guilty as Charged” in 1996. The reactions to this dynamite Streetcore-album were overwhelmingly positive and the guys did a lot of shows, including a european tour with The Business to promote this album all over 
Europe. Early 1998 the “Bulldog Style”-album was released, also by L&F Records. On this record Discipline already tried to combine the best of both worlds: Oi meets Hardcore. This album was a huge success again in the underground scene. Through hard work, the band gained itself a reputation of doing very energetic 

trACks:- (CD1) Stand - Power - We're Not Gonna Take It - Don't Forget The Struggle - I Wanna Live - Rebel Yell - Show You No Mercy - My World - Cum On Feel The Noize - One Law For Them - Delirious - Going To The Run.
(CD2) War On The Terraces - Astro Zombies - One Of The Boys - When I'm Dancing I Ain't Fighting - Runnin' Riot - Hang Up Y'r Boots - No More Heroes - Generation Of Scars - Nice Boys - Saturday Heroes - A Tale Of Moran - Chaos - Prison Bound - Saturdays Glory - Fight To Live - Violence In Our Minds - Crucified - Frontline Skins. 

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