Sunday, February 02, 2014

Crime (2002) Piss Turntable @VBR0

Crime was an early American punk band from San Francisco. The band was formed in 1976 by Johnny Strike (vocals, guitar), Frankie Fix (vocals, guitar), Ron "The Ripper" Greco (bass; ex-Flamin' Groovies), and Chris Cat (drums), who was rapidly replaced by Ricky Tractor (Ricky Williams) (drums). Their debut, the self-financed double A-side, "Hot Wire My Heart" and "Baby You're So Repulsive", appeared at the end of 1976, and is the first single released by a U.S. punk act from the West Coast.

trACks:- Hot Wire My Heart - Baby You're So Repulsive - Frustration - Murder By Guitar - Frustration - Crime Wave - I Knew This Nurse - San Francisco's Doomed - Rock'n' Roll Enemy NO.1 - Piss On Your Dog - Feel The Beat - Stupid Anyway - Twisted - Murder By Guitar - Instrumental - Flyeater - Rockabilly Drugstore - Dillenger's Brain - Flipout - Emergency Music World - Monley On Your Back - Yakuza - Rockin' Weird - Samurai - If Looks Could Kill - Rockin' Weird - Lost Souls - Gangster Funk - Maserati.

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