Sunday, February 02, 2014

B.G.K. (1986) Nothing Can Go Wrogn!

After BGK's demise, bassist Tony formed rock'n'roll band Loveslug. In 1996, the Nitwitz reunited (partially due to interest from Epitaph records), and may or may not still be around to this day. Alternative Tentacles has recently reissued BGK's entire catalog, both on vinyl and CD.

trACks:- Pencil Pusher - Black Stare (Sharp Shot) - Civil Terror - Bloodsuckers - Jonestown Aloha! - Have A Coke (And No Trial) - Pay To Die - Computer Control - Safety Last - TV News (Distorted Views) - Institutional Mentality - Injected Insanity - No Limbs - The Greatest American Zero - Youth For Crime - Sad And Saintly (Untitled).

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