Sunday, February 02, 2014

B.G.K. (1983) Jonestown Aloha!

Named after a Dutch historical figure who assassinated the king of the Netherlands in 1584, Balthasar Gerards Kommando was formed in the early '80s by members of Amsterdam punk band the Nitwitz. Rejecting the then-popular trend to emulate British Oi bands, BGK took their musical cues from American hardcore bands such as MDC, and soon developed an ultrafast style of their own. The band was also committed to following through with its leftist political stance, both in terms of the punk scene (the band set up DIY shows with low door prices, and put out affordable records on their own label) and in a wider political spectrum (they often played benefits for various causes, and helped run the Emma squat in Holland).

trACks:- Pray For Peace and Kill For Christ - Holiday In Lebanon - Isolatiefolter - Honor & Justice - Race Riot - Buy Or Die - Arms Race - Electroshock - Allegiance To No One - Freeze Me - Police Crimes - Spray Paint - Vivisection - Membership - Up to You - Regering (Krijg De Tering) - Soylent Green - Tout Les Flics - Get Killed - Pill Party.

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