Sunday, February 02, 2014

Aus Rotten (1998) And Now Back To Our Programming

Aus-Rotten was an American anarcho-punk band active from 1991 to 2001 formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Part of the DIY underground, its members practiced and promoted a philosophy of anarchism and far-left sociopolitics. The band included lead vocalist Dave Trenga, vocalist/guitarist Eric Good, bassist Corey Lyons, and drummer Matt Garabedian. Spitboy singer Adrienne Droogas would often join the band in their later material. The band's name comes from the German word ausrotten, which translates to "extermination" or "eradication".

trACks:- ...And Now Back to Our Programming - Sexist Appeal - Pathetic Humanity - The Promise Keepers - The Dying And The Dead - Welfare Recipients - Xenophobia - World Bank - Capital Punishment - Tax Shelter - Media Blackout.

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