Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trenchmouth (2003) More Motion, A Collection

Trenchmouth was a post-hardcore band from Chicago. Throughout its existence, the band consisted of Damon Locks (vocals/percussion), Chris DeZutter (guitar), Wayne Montana (bass), and Fred Armisen on drums. Their third LP, Trenchmouth vs. The Light of the Sun, was released on East West Records, a division of Elektra Records. Armisen went on to be a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Locks went on to be in Super ESP and later reconvened with Montana to form The Eternals. DeZutter returned to school, emerged with a PhD in chemistry, and currently teaches organic chemistry at the University of Minnesota, Rochester.

Making Money For The Freak Machines / Gold / The Volcanic Action of My Soul / The Dawning of a New Sound Session / Hitmen Will Suffocate the City / Power to the Amplifier / Telescopic / Yes, This is The Place / Sea Of Serenity / A Man Without Lungs / The Effects Of Radiation / Doing The Flammability / How I Become INvincible / Set the to 400 Degrees / In High Contrast / Contrast Beneath the Surface / Boradcasting from The Heart / Onus.  

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