Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Suicide Machines (1998) Battle Hymns

The Suicide Machines is an American punk rock band formed in March 1991 in Detroit, Michigan and disbanded in May 2006. Since 2009, the band has occasionally played reunion shows. During the course of their career the band released six full-length albums on the labels Hollywood Records and Side One Dummy Records. Though they experienced several lineup changes over the years, founding members Jason Navarro and Dan Lukacinsky remained regular fixtures. The band's musical style initially blended elements of punk rock, ska, and hardcore into a genre popularly known as ska punk or "ska-core," which characterized their first two albums. During the middle of their career they shifted gears, moving away from this sound and producing two albums with a heavy pop rock influence. Their final two albums moved back towards their mid-1990s style, bringing back heavy ska punk and hardcore elements.

Someone / Hating Hate / Give / Hope / Black & White World / Numbers / High Society / Pins and Needles / Confused / DDT / Punck / Step One / IN the End / Face Another Day / What You Say / Speak no Evil / Empty Room / Independence Parade / Sympathy / Strike / Sides / Jah.   

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