Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Barracudas (1988) Drop Out with the Barracudas

The Barracudas is an English-Canadian band that formed in the late 1970s and is now based in England. The band's original line-up consisted of Jeremy Gluck (vocals), Robin Wills (guitar and vocals), Starkie Phillips (bass and vocals) and Adam Phillips (drums); but this formation was disrupted before the recording of the band's first 7" single when both the Phillips' left.
The band is notable for their summer 1980 hit single "Summer Fun", which started with an excerpt from a spoof 1960s advertisement for the Plymouth Barracuda and included dialogue of announcers having difficulty pronouncing the word barracuda. The single reached number 37 in the UK Singles Chart, it has been described as "fun" with an attitude that can't be faulted.
The band lasted until 1981 with a final performance in Madrid, however they have reformed on more than one occasion since that time.

trACks:- I Can't Pretend / Violent Times / Don't Let Go / Codeine / This Ain't My Time / I Saw My Death In A Dream Last Night / Somewhere Outside / Summer Fun / His Last Summer / Surfers Are Back / Somebody / Campus Tramp / On The Strip / California Lament / I Wish It Could Be 1965 Again / Summer Fun (Demo) / Cherry Babe (Demo) / You Were On My Mind (Demo) / Violent Times (Demo) / Surfer Joe (Demo).

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