Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Small Brown Bike - 4 Albuns...

Small Brown Bike is a band from Marshall, Michigan, United States that started in 1996. The trademark of Small Brown Bike is their "double vocals" backed by melodies. Their sound is often identified as being similar to other post-hardcore bands, such as Avail, Hot Water Music and Dillinger Four. Their last show was in 2004 at The Fireside Bowl in Chicago, after already agreeing to split up. Former members Mike Reed and Dan Jaquint later created the band LaSalle, with Reed's wife playing bass guitar. Ben Reed also started the Great Sea Serpents based out of Chicago, IL. Mike and Ben have also formed the band Able Baker Fox with former drummer Jeff Gensterblum and Nathan Ellis from the Casket Lottery. Their first album "Voices" was released in January 2008.
The band name is derived from working on bicycles as they grew up together.

(1999) Collection
trACks:- Mouth Of Madness / Dull Way Down / Take Care / Expecting Confidence / No Place Like You / Slow Time Suicide / Bad Anthem / The Twenty Sixth / Red Light / When Added Equals Three / Crossing Guard / Cold / Tough.

(1999) Our Own Wars
trACks:- The Cannons And Tanks / The Cold / Running, Swimming and Sinking / Now and Never / Expression Eraser / In Tune / Curiosity Killed the Cat, and I'm the Killed / Atlanta / Zero Sum / Make This a Holiday.

(2001) Dead Reckoning
trACks:- Like A Future With No Friend / Sleeping Weather / See You In Hell / The Vacuum / More or Less / My Own Disaster / This Ship Will Burn / Hideaway / Unsung Zero / Kingfisher / I'll Bury You in Me.

(2003) Nail Yourself to The Ground
trACks:- Trains All Talk / Fami(liar) to You / Blank Landscapes / So I Fall / A Table for Dinner.

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