Thursday, January 16, 2014

Smack (1997) On You

SMACK was a primal rock band in the '80s. Unlike most bands of the era, they didn't believe in hair spray. SMACK is pure energy. Their music is hard-driving raw rock'n'roll influenced by bands such as the Stooges, the Doors and MC5.
SMACK was born in Helsinki, Finland in the Summer of 1982. They quickly conquered their native land with earth-moving live performances.
Smack's first album "On You" was first released in 1984 in Finland and within
two years it was available in the U.S. on Enigma Records.
Smack released four studio albums and a live collection between 1984-1989.

Good Morning Headache / Run Rabbit Run / Through The Glass / Skin Alley / Little C**t / Completely Alone / Some Fun / Ten Foot Cell / Primitive / Cemetary Walls / Criminal / No Peace On Earth / Criminal (Bonus) / Little C**t (Bonus) / Walkin' On The Wire (Bonus) / Blank (Bonus) / I Wanna Be Your Dog (Bonus).

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