Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sex Pistols (2002) Sexbox 1 (3 CDs Boxset)

Amidst the chaos that was the Sex Pistols, it’s often overlooked just what a great band they are, and what great records they made. The Sex Pistols are no ordinary band; their story is long and complicated, and not without its casualties. Without them popular culture in the last 30+ years would be very, very different. The Pistols didn’t just kick down doors; they kicked them off the wall. For a band who (really) only released one album and four singles, they spawned a sea of imitators; and still do to this day. Not bad for a band that supposedly couldn’t play. Yeah right! The Sex Pistols could certainly play; one listen to their ferocious slab of raw rock and roll will soon tell you that.
Despite claims from New York, the Sex Pistols are the true originators of punk; no one else had their attitude, balls, or honesty. The Pistols were inspired by anger and poverty, not art and poetry. “An imitation from New York, you’re cheese and chalk…”

DISC 1 "Studio Tracks & Early Demos"
Holidays In The Sun / Bodies / No Feelings / Liar / God Save the Queen / Problems / Seventeen / Anarchy in the UK / Submission / Pretty Vacant / New York / EMI (Unlimited Edition) / I Wanna Be Me / No Feelings (Bonus B-Side) / Did You Know Wrong / No Fun (Uniedited) / Satellite / Problems / Pretty Vacant 2 / No Feelings 2.

DISC 2 "Demos & Rarities"
Pretty Vacant / Submission / Anarchy in the UK / Substitute / (Don't Give Me) No Lip / (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone / Johnny B Goode / Road Runner / Watcha Gonna Do About It / Through My Eyes / Anarchy in the UK / No Feelings (Instrumental) / No Future / Liar / Problems / New York / God Save the Queen / Satellite / EMI / Seventeen / No Feelings / Submission.

DISC 3 "Live at Screen on the Green '76"
Anarchy in the UK / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / (Don't Give Me) No Lip / (I'm Not Your) Steeping Stone / Satellite / Submission /  Liar / No Feelings / Substitute / Pretty Vacant / Problems / Did You No Wrong / No Fun / Understanding (Live Bonus Track) / Flowers of Romance (Live Bonus Track) / Flowers...#2 (Live Bonus Track) / Belsen Was A Gas.

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So many say so many disparaging thinks about the Sex Pistols, but they were second to no one. Steve Jones was & is a tremendous guitarist, likewise Paul Cook on drums. With their true bassist Glen Matlock & young master Lydon Johnny Rotten they wrote & played song like no others. New York punk is great & The Ramones are fantastic but they wouldn't even understand the 'attitude, balls, or honesty' as you so rightly say spawned by such things as "No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish!"

Thank you for this.