Thursday, January 09, 2014

Rudimentary Peni (1983) Death Church

Rudimentary Peni are a British anarcho-punk/deathrock band formed in 1980. Rudimentary Peni emerged from the British anarcho-punk scene in the early 1980s. Lead singer/guitarist Nick Blinko is notorious for his witty macabre lyrics and dark pen-and-ink artwork, prominently featured on all of Rudimentary Peni's albums. Blinko is also rumored to have written the band's Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric album whilst resident in a psychiatric hospital. Bassist Grant Matthews has also written a number of songs for the band, though his lyrics primarily focus on sociopolitical themes. Very few photos exist of the band, as their albums feature Blinko's drawings instead, but Pushead published a few in an early edition of his magazine.

1/4 Death / Blissful Myth / The Psycho Squat / Rotten To The Core / Poppycock / Cosmic Hearse / The Cloud Song / Vampirestate Building / Blasphemy Squad / When You Are a Martian C / Quiet for the Choir Master / Inside / Nothing But a Nightmare / Flesh Crucifix / Slimy Member / Love is Not / Radio Schizo / Happy Farm / Alice Crucifies the Paed / Army Of Jesus / Dutchmen.

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