Monday, January 20, 2014

Pinhead Gunpowder - 4 Álbuns

 Bill and Mike were in one of the bands who rehearsed at the House-O-Toast, my old house, while I tried to sleep. They had their hands full playing in that band and one or two other bands each, but they still pestered me, saying we should play music together. So late at night, after all the other bands had finished rehearsing, we started working out songs. Not to form a new band, but just as a release, without the worries or restrictions.

That was the early part of 1990, an exiting time in the East bay. A time of new energy and rebirth. Basically 1989 had destroyed everything and people were just starting to come back out to pick up the pieces. I didn't have a steady band at the time, and wasn't ready to start that again in the east bay. I was biding time until I left town, filling in on drums for Billie's band when their regular drummer couldn't make it, occasionally playing second drums in Blatz while Billie played second guitar. When Billie's band left on tour I tagged along as roadie, then got dropped off in Arcata looking to make a new band and a fresh start. Continues on official home page...

(1994) Carry The Banner
tracks: Find My Place / Before The Accident / I Used To / Reach For the Bottle / Walkin' Catastrophe / I Am An Elephant / I Am The Stranger / Certain Things / Mahogany.

(1994) Jump Salty
trACks: Future Daydream / Freedom Is / I Wanna / Losers Of the Year / Big Yellow Taxi / Dull / Keeping Warm in the Nightmare / Beastly Bit / Benicia By The Bay / Mpls Song / In Control / Hey Now.

(1997) Goodbye Ellston Avenue
trACks: Life During Wartime / Without Me / High Maintenance / Backyard Flames / Song Of My Returning / Once More Without Feeling / I Walk Alone / Train Station / Homesick Hopes / Brother / Swan Song / Work For Food / The Great Divide.

(1999) Shoot The Moon
trACks: Cabot Gal / My Boot In Your Face Is What Keeps Me Alive / Asheville / Junkpille / 27 / Kathleen / Achin To Be.

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