Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kidnap (2000) '79 - '85

Kidnap is a punk band formed in Blois in 1978. History The beginnings of Kidnap back to 1977 when the group was called Steel. The name is the first time changed in 1978 to Radiation. Fabrice the same year reached the lowest. In 1979 with the arrival of Fredo vocals to replace the previous singer (Hughes) went to military service line-up of the group, which is now called Kidnap is full. In 1981 it is the meeting with members of Groupe Orléans Reich Orgasm Comintern and Sect. These three groups, which will be added Pub No, decided to come together to produce a compilation together and founded the label Chaos Production. Thus comes the end of 1982 Chaos Apocalypse compilation on which are three titles Kidnap: "No SS", "Thatcher Dracula" and "National Army". 

No S.S. / Armée Nationale / Tatcher Dracula / Revolution / J.R. / C'est Ton Probleme / Il Faudra Bien Qu'un Jour Tout Change / Sympa Les Gros Bras / Putain De Vie / 1984 / No S.S. (Alt. Version) / Syphilis M'Etait Contee / C.R.S. / Dites Moi / Auto Destruction / Incendie / Safary City / Fuck The Mods / Armee Nationale / No S.S. / Vacances / Bande De Pedes / Mafia.

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