Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hollywood Hate (2003) Product Of Environment

Out of other bands comes Hollywood Hate. Scratching that itch, vocalist Scott Wilkins/Davenso (C2D, Verbal Abuse, Electric Frankenstein) Guitarist Mark Hate Mark (Living End, Cynical) Bassist Paddy Mack (Hell's Kitchen, Big Ugly & where ever else someone needed some bottom end thunder) & now Mr. Designated Dale on drums round up this band as of 2014. Though members have come and gone, the sound and the fury remains the same. A new year, new songs and new fury and a whole lot to say! Coming to a city near you! Play the tunes on here for free, shit, think you can even download for free too! Have at it and let's do this shall we?

Another Fine Mess / Peacemaker / Slow Ride / Lied / Feel The Blow / Kickboy / Boots And Slippers / Lonely Roads / Choke Hold / All Control / Product Of Our Environment.

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