Monday, January 06, 2014

Brother Inferior (1997) Anthems for Greater Salvation

Brother Inferior was an influential hardcore punk band from Tulsa, OK, active from 1994-1999.  The band had albums and 7"'s released on Profane Existence Records, Havoc Records, and lead singer Chad Malone's own imprint Sensual Underground.  The band toured the United States extensively, as well as overseas tours in Europe and Japan.  Band Members included Chad Malone, Alex Simmons, Grant Lohry, Mike Spradlin, and Ryan Rolston.

.Capital Gains / .Conquest of History / .Who Wants To Live Forever / .Buyout / .More Than Just a Crime / .Hope / .My Country / .One for the Resistance / .Profit & Loss / .Lives for Sale / .Logical End / .Poverty Crime / .Chivalry's Dead / .Divided / .Land of the Free.

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