Monday, January 06, 2014

!Anarchy 6! - Live Like A Suicidal

This is the pre-Redd Kross band..

I Love Livin' in The City / State Of War / Lost in Space / I Just Want Some Skank_Beverly Hills / 12 Hour Trip / Rich Brat / Institutionalized / Shutdown / Slam, Spit, Cut your Hair, Kill Your Mom / Louie Louie.   

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atomicpopmonkey said...

This wasn't pre-Redd Kross; Anarchy 6 is the band in the Deperate Teenage Lovedoll movies, Redd Kross was already a band for several years when this side project happened.

Nando40 said...

Thanks for the info atomicpopmonkey

jonder said...

Any chance to re-upload the two Anarchy 6 releases? It would be greatly appreciated. I am a big fan of Redd Kross, and these are hard to find!