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Youth Brigade - 4 álbuns

Youth Brigade was formed at the end of summer 1980 in Los Angeles, amid the explosion of the punk scene in Southern California, by brothers Shawn,Mark and Adam Stern. The brothers Stern have established YOUTH BRIGADE as one of the most powerful, independent groups in North America over the course of their 7 odd years of existence. The basic philosophy of the band is the “youth” is an attitude, not an age and that every generation has the responsibility to change what they feel is wrong in the world. Unfortunately, it seems that many people either forget or grow weary of this responsibility as they get older in years, so the band feels it is really important that every new generation 
realize this responsibility and act upon it. It is with these ideals in mind that the band was started, and the eldest brothers Shawn and Mark formed the Better Youth Organization in ‘79. The BYO is dedicated to promoting alternative music, art and other creative endeavors in a completely independent manner. They started off promoting shows,(They ran the infamous Godzilla’s night club!), started BYO Records in 1982 (which has released 25 records to date and become one of the strongest and most respected indy labels in the world), set up tours for many bands, (including the first BYO tour which was done in a big school bus and documented on 60 hours of video tape to become the movie 
“Another State of Mind”) as well as many other projects too numerous to mention. 


(1992) Come Again
1.One In Five
2.Can't Take It With You
3.Shoulda Stayed Home
4.Lost In Nostalgia
5.No Tears For You
6.Keep It Smile 

(1994) Happy Hour
1.All Style, No Substance
2.Better Without You
3.Punk Rock Mom
4.Guns Are For
5.Let Me Be
6.It's Not Enough
7.Alive By Machine
8.It Just Doesn't Matter
11.Sad But True
12.This is A Life
13.Deep Inside Of Me

(1994) Sink With Californija
1.Sink With Californija
2.Modest Proposal
3.Men In Blue Part.1
4.Sound And Fury
5.Fight to Unite
6.Jump Back
7.Blown Away
8.Live Life
9.What Are You Fighting For
10.Did You Wanna Die
11.You Don't Understand
12.The Circle
13.Duke Of Earl
14.What Will The Revolution Change
15.What Price Happiness
16.Where Are We Going
17.Who Can You Believe In
18.On The Edge
19.Look in The Mirror
21.Fight To Unite
22.Did You Wanna Die
23.You Don't Understand
24.Jump Back
26.Men In Blue Part.1
27.Sink With Californija

(1996) To Sell The Truth
1.It's Not My Fault
2.Spies For Life
4.We're In
6.Street Dominator
8.Believe In Something
10.Not Gonna Take It
11.My Bartender
13.Last Day Of The Year
14.I Hate My Life
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