Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sham 69 - Live In Japan

Sham 69 are an English punk band that formed in Hersham in 1975. 
Although not as commercially successful as many of their contemporaries, albeit with a greater number of chart entries, Sham 69 has been a huge musical and lyrical influence on the Oi! and streetpunk genres. The band allegedly derived their name from a piece of football-related graffiti that founder Jimmy Pursey saw on a wall, which originally said Walton and Hersham '69 but had partly faded away.

1.What Have We Got
2.Angels With Dirty Faces
3.Mister You're A Better Man Than I
4.Tell the Children
5.Poor Cow
6.How The West Was Won
7.Carolines Suitcase
8.Borstal Breakout
9.Vision & Power
10.If The Kids Are United
12.Hersham Boys
13.Rip & Tear

senha/pass= hha

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