Thursday, December 05, 2013

Red Alert (1996) Breakin' All The Rules (Request!!)

Red Alert were а British punk/oi!-band, formed in Sunderland, England, in May 1979. The quartet recorded three studio albums and appeared on numerous compilations, including Punk And Disorderly (Abstract Records, 1981) and Carry On Oi! (Secret Records, 1981). Three of the band's releases reached UK Indie Charts Top 30. Red Alert broke up in 1985, reformed four years later and continued touring and occasionally recording.

CD1 - Breakin' All The Rules
1.The Only Voice
2.I Ain't Running
3.Reality's Outside
5.Safe European Home
6.Who Pulls The Trigger
7.Lonely Highway
8.Staring Down the Barrel (of Youth)
9.Out On Freedom Road
10.West One
11.I'll Wave Goodbye
12.Visca El Barca
13.Dead and Buried
14.Living Out the Dream
15.Blood on Blood
16.Breakin' All The Rules
CD2 - A Session with The Lads
1.Border Guards
2.Murder Missile
3.Screaming at the Nation
4.Empire Of Crime
5.Foreign Affairs
6.Industrial Slide
7.All the Way to Glory
8.Cast Iron's Crusade
9.24 Hours in the City
10.The Art of Brutality
11.The Calling
12.Long Night in Long Island
13.Out on Freedom Road (Bar Room)

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