Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The perfect combination between horror movies and garage-punk, surf music.. This is the 13th episode of HHA Podcast...

1.THE NEANDERTHALS 'Hot Rod USA' from Shutdown 2002 B.C. album.
2.THE SURFARIS 'Dune Buggy' from Fun City USA
3.THE VISCOUNT V 'Cherry Red Vette' from Burnin' Rubber On The Last Wave VA.
4.Necromancy trailer intro
5.TRASHMEN 'Bird Dance Beat' from Wavy Gravy Four Hairy Policemen' VA
6.Girls For Rent trailer intro
7.THE SAXONS 'Draggin' Around' from Wavy Gravy For Adult Enthusiasts VA
8.Chain Gang Women trailer introduction
9.THE MERCYMEN 'Can't You See' from Free Flight compilation
10.The Virgin Witch trailer intro
11.THE SAINTS 'Pigtails' from Tabu! Vol.2 Compilation
12.The Rape Killer trailer introduction
13.BRUNO & THE GLADIATORS 'Istanbul' from Sleazy Surf Vol.2
14.The Astrozombies trailer introduction
15.HEADLINERS 'Voodoo Plan' from Wavy Gravy Four Hairy Policemen Comp.
16.Scream Blacula Scream trailer introduction
17.THE SUPER STOCKS 'Street Machine' from Shut Down (Hot Rod) Comp.
18.Howdy Doody Time Tune Kid Program introduction
19.TRAVIS WAMMACK 'Distortion Pt.1' from Wildsville!
20.Psychedlic Circus trailer introduction
21.THE AVANTIS 'Phantom Surfer' from Wax Em Down! Vol.1
22.The Vault Horror trailer introduction
23.LOS ROCKIN' DEVILS 'Gloria' from Garage Punk Unknowns Vol.4
24.Vampíre Playgirls trailer introduction
25.LOOSE ENDS 'Taxman' from The Deram Freakbeat Scene Compl.
26.Sweet Susie trailer introduction
27.NELSON & YOUNG 'Rock Old Sputnick' from Rocket Ship Comp.
28.Toolbox Murders trailer intro
29.THE LANE BROS 'Uh Huh Honey' from Rockin' Rollin' High School Vol.6
30.Shantry Tramp trailer intro
31.THE RAMRODS 'Ghost Riders In The Sky' from Infamous Instro-Monsters of Rock'n'Roll Vol.2
32.Humanoids From The Deep trailer intro
33.THE ELECTRAS 'Action Woman' from Like Nothing Your Ears Have Ever Heard Before Vol.1
34.The Woman Hunt trailer intro.
35.BOBBY BARE 'Vampira' from Wowsville!
36.Graveyard Tramps trailer outro.

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