Wednesday, November 06, 2013

-VARIOUS ARTISTS- The Punk Singles Collection - RAW Records

Absolutely amazing compilation from Cherry Red Records, this is the third time that I upload this set. By request..

1.Sick Of You (THE USERS)
2.I'm In Love With Today (THE USERS)
3.Johnny Won't Go To Heaven (THE KILLJOYS)
5.Withdrawal (THE UNWANTED)
6.Bleak Outlook (THE UNWANTED)
8.New Religion (SOME CHICKEN)
9.Blood On the Wall (SOME CHICKEN)
10.Radio Call Sign (LOCKJAW)
11.The Young Ones (LOCKJAW)
12.Arabian Daze (SOME CHICKEN)
13.Number Seven (SOME CHICKEN)
14.It's My Life (THE GORILLAS)
15.My Soul's Alive (THE GORILLAS)
16.Secret Police (THE UNWANTED)
17.These Boots Are Made For Walking (THE UNWANTED)
18.Journalist Jive (LOCKJAW)
19.I'm Not Me (THE UNWANTED)
20.The End Is Nigh (THE UNWANTED)
21.Bondage Boy (THE SICK THINGS)
22.Kids On The Street (THE SICK THINGS)
23.So Young (THE PSYCHOS)
24.Straitjacket (THE PSYCHOS)
25.At Night (THE KILLJOYS)
26.I Wish You Dead (ACME SEWAGE CO.)
27.I Don't Need You (ACME SEWAGE CO.)
28.Millionaire (THE GT'S)
29.Young British And White (THE PSYCHOS)
30.I Can See You (ACME SEWAGE CO.)

senha/pass= hha

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